Kerala Houseboat is an unparalleled vacation experience that combines the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Kerala with modern luxury and comfort.

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Kerala Houseboat is an unparalleled vacation experience that combines the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Kerala with modern luxury and comfort. Our houseboats are steeped in history, having served as transportation vessels for goods, men, and materials along the backwaters of Kerala. Today, these traditional kettuvallams have been transformed into luxurious houseboats, offering travelers a unique opportunity to explore the serene waterways of Kerala from the comfort of a fully equipped and air-conditioned houseboat. Come aboard and experience the magic of Kerala Houseboat for yourself.
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Kerala Houseboat offers modern amenities, air conditioning, comfortable bedding, attached bathrooms, lounge area, galley kitchen, authentic Keralan meals, personalized service, 24/7 security, and round-the-clock assistance.

Deluxe Houseboat

Deluxe Houseboat

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Premium Houseboat

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Luxury Houseboat

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Upper Deck Houseboat

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Unwind with simplicity and elegance on our Kerala Houseboats.

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Guiding your journey with knowledge and expertise on every Kerala Houseboat.

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Ensuring every penny spent brings greater joys and memorable experiences.
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Nothing can compare to the peaceful scenery of paddy fields, gently waving palms and small villages for taking away the stress of everyday life, cruising the mirror smooth lakes, tranquil lagoons and lazy rivers takes you to another world.
Create Everlasting Memories With Our Romantic Honeymoon Cruise Packages.
Bond Over Waves With Our Unforgettable Family Cruise Packages.
Sail and Save Together With Our Exclusive Group Cruise Packages.
Discover Unforgettable Moments on Our Exquisite Day Cruise.
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Early booking is essential to secure your preferred dates and boat, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable vacation. Book early and experience the magic of Kerala Houseboat in comfort and style.


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People love Kerala Houseboat for its stunning backwaters, luxurious amenities, and authentic Keralan meals. It’s an unforgettable experience.

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